Toujours En Course


A former professional cyclist, winner of the prestigious Tour de France, Tony was caught doping at the height of his glory. Stripped of his titles, ruined, he decides to open a bike messenger company and promises the fastest deliveries on the market. To achieve his goals, he will replicate the entire doping system implemented by his former professional team. With bike messengers wearing yellow jerseys that go faster than scooters and can deliver hot meals in the outer suburbs, he wants to dethrone Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

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  • Format

    • Unitary
  • Genre

    • Comedy
  • Source Material

    • Bible
  • Created By

    • Marc Rosier
    • Jean-Marc Tramoni
  • Written By

    • Jérémie Galan
  • Production

    • Wanda Originals
  • Project Status

    • In Development
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