Under pressure in all areas of her life, Lyla, a twenty-year-old mixed-race fencer, is excluded from a major tournament. After years of training, she sees her dream of being selected for the French team vanish. So, when Lyla is assaulted on the street, she finds an outlet and beats the crap out of her attackers. For the first time, she feels alive. From then on, Lyla will never stop trying to find these sensations. This quest leads her to participate in dangerous clandestine duels in addition to fencing. Then begins a violent journey where she is perpetually torn between her sports career and these forbidden fights.

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  • Format

    • 10 x 26’ Series
  • Genre

    • Drama
  • Created By

    • Thibault Mombellet
  • Writers

    • Thibault Mombellet
    • Judith Godinot
  • Director

    • Thibault Mombellet
  • Production

    • Wanda Originals
  • Project Status

    • In Financing
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