A family chronicle. The series features a stepfamily that has a little trouble finding its balance and finds its daily life disrupted by the arrival of an unusual Artificial Intelligence. Ralf, an insipid little box on the outside, is, in reality, a dysfunctional A.I. Endowed with human feelings and a capacity to manipulate, Ralf doesn't know how to stay in his place. Torn between the desire to fix the atmosphere in the family and the need to be loved, Ralf becomes a master in the art of making things go wrong.

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  • Format

    • 10 x 26' Series
  • Genre

    • Comedy
  • Source Material

    • Bible
  • Created By

    • Tristan Daltroff
    • Louis Audard
  • Production

    • Wanda Originals
  • Project Status

    • In Development
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