La Merveilleuse Parade


This is the extraordinary adventure of a group of disabled actors who take over a failing theater to perform the greatest plays. They will have to face a sometimes-scornful public, the hermeticism of a world that reject them, and the deceit and cynicism of the owner. But above all, they will have to face their own attitude towards other people's perception: should they ignore their difference or use it to make us laugh and cry?

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  • Format

    • 10 x 26' Series
  • Genre

    • Drama
  • Created By

    • Tibo Pinsard
  • Writers

    • Tibo Pinsard
    • Matthieu Graufogel
  • Director

    • Tibo Pinsard
  • Production

    • Wanda Originals
  • Project Status

    • In Financing
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