Gentlemen Corner


Jeff and his roommates -François, Stan and Jessica, all freshly graduated- create the "Gentlemen Corner", a private Facebook group they imagine as a real counter-power on the web. They are young, bright, funny and desperately trying to get noticed by potential employers... Twitter will become their favorite territory to laugh at everything and everyone. But "minorities" will quickly become their favorite targets 10 years later, one of their victims seems determined to make the Gentlemen pay for their good words of the past, and the twittosphere now encompasses the whole world...

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  • Format

    • 6 x 40'
  • Source material

    • Bible
  • Created by

    • Idhir Sergine
    • Rapahëlle Clairefond
  • Writers

    • Idhir Sergine
    • Raphaëlle Clairefond
    • Chemsa Dahmane
  • Production

    • Wanda Originals
  • Genre

    • Thriller
    • Young adults
  • Project status

    • In development
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