Simon is 33 years old, the age of Christ when he died. And even though he is not the one who has just died but his father, that is a lot of "reminders" that life is short. And so, if life is short, you can't screw up. Simon decides to give himself the means to finally get his dream job: car designer in the company where his father worked. But the interim management has decided to introduce quotas and is looking for a woman for the job. But Simon is going to disguise himself to pass the interview! And no matter what happens... But in "Advienne que pourra", Simon did not expect to completely change his vision of the world, nor to question the very foundations of his adult life.

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  • Format

    • 10 x 26' Series
  • Genre

    • Comedy
  • Source Material

    • Bible
  • Created By

    • Tristan Daltroff
    • Louis Audard
  • Written By

    • Juliette Barry
  • Production

    • Wanda Originals
  • Project Status

    • In Development
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