12 Ans, 7 Mois et 11 Jours


Ines was found innocent in the accident that caused the death of Raphaël at the age of 12 years, 7 months, and 11 days. Today, Ines's son, Theo, is that age. And she is convinced that Lucie, Raphaël's mother, will avenge his death. Intuition or paranoia? To protect Theo, she hides him in the forest and then confronts the mother of his victim.

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  • Format

    • 4 x 52' Series
  • Genre

    • Thriller
  • Source Material

    • Bible based on the novel by Lorris Murail
  • Created By

    • Alexandre Coffre
  • Writers

    • Alexandre Coffre
    • Monica Rattazzi
  • Director

    • Alexandre Coffre
  • Co-Production

    • Wanda Originals
    • Federation Entertainment
  • Project Status

    • In Financing
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